Labeling Your Refrigerator

By Mrs.Gabriela


What do you touch the most in your house? Your family? No, the refrigerator! It also feels so refreshing when the refrigerator is clean and organized. Now that we are spending more time at home it is hard to keep it organized. Doing these activities will help the child develop responsibility and organizational skills in a fun way.


  • Learn to read and write names items inside the refrigerator.
  • Practice independence and organization skills.


  • Index Cards
  • Tape
  • Marker

Pencil colors


  • Situate yourself close to the refrigerator. It could be a small table or you can use your dining table.
  • Open your refrigerator, look at the shelves, and think about how you would like to label it.
  • For example, upper shelves for milk, juice and water; or ready-to-eat food such as yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Lower shelves for raw food. Drawers could be used for vegetables and fruits. You decide!
  • Grab one index card and write ‘Fruits’. Place a piece of tape on the back of it, go to the shelf previously selected for fruits and label it!
  • Use another index card with tape to label the vegetables.
  • Do the same for the milk and ready-to-eat food.
  • Have fun labeling the rest of the items (you can also pretend that you are a food hunter!!)

As children explore the refrigerator, they will need more words to describe what they see or what they smell. Detailed description of the characteristics will help them acquire more vocabulary.

Make yourself a fruit salad or cook a meal with items the child is attracted to!


You can draw a picture of each of the items in the refrigerator.
Get out your Spanish dictionary and write the names of the items in Spanish!