Laundry Fun!

Laundry Fun! ? Yes, Laundry Fun!


First, click the link and enjoy this story with your young helper!


Next, Let the fun begin! 

Sock Match:


Put your child in charge of socks while you fold and hang other things. With your child, lay socks in rows. Work L to R – this trains the eyes for reading!  Let them match the socks into pairs. 


Delivery race:

Give your child a small amount of laundry and start the timer. Rules:  No running! Fast walk only. 

You stay at “Home Base” with the laundry and send your helper to one room at a time to deliver the laundry. Your helper reloads at home base after each delivery. 

After you are done, celebrate by watching the story again and asking your helper questions about what they just did. This builds working memory skills, and enjoyment of reading and self esteem. When your child’s work is important to the family, your child feels important, too!