London Bridge Is Falling Down – Brain Dance


Move off balance to develop balance in this fun vestibular strengthening gross motor activity. Stimulating the vestibular system helps to strengthen eye tracking, hearing, proprioception, balance and coordination. Here’s a video to watch the movements: 


A space open enough for movement


  • Stretch arms out to the side and stand your feet wide apart
  • Begin Singing “London Bridge” and rock Left to Right, balancing on each leg as you rock side to side. “Londone bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down! London bridge is falling down, my fair dancers!”
  • Find a partner to hold hands with and spin together in a circle for the “build it up” part. “Build it up with wood and clay, wood and clay, wood and clay! Build it up with wood and clay, my fair dancers.”
  • Repeat as desired!


‘Dancers’ may be replaced with other words such as colors, animals, your family name, etc. You can ask your toddler what they’d like to do ‘London Bridge’ as and see what they come up with! 


 In class we’d spin in both directions before moving on to another brain dance, to balance out the practice for both sides.