Loose Parts Mandala

By: Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Alex, Primary 3

This beautiful & soothing work promotes concentration, regulation and lays a foundation for sequencing and mathematical thinking. All while using materials that you already have in your home or yard! 

Take a look at this video by Ms. Stephanie from Primary 3 creating her loose parts mandala! 


  • A basket, box or tray (anything that holds your loose parts, is perfect!)
  • Loose parts from inside or outside your home


    • Inside items you might use:  cars, buttons, lids, cotton swabs, blocks, coins, markers, craft sticks,ect.
    • For natural loose parts we used: rocks, sticks, leaves and other greenery 


Assembling the basket

  • Collect your materials from inside your home or nature. Your child will enjoy helping you find and decide what materials to use! 
  • Place what you find in a basket and find a work area to build your mandala.
  • Encourage your child to help organize the materials. They may choose to group their items by shape, color or size.


Creating the Mandala

  • Choose a centerpoint. Ms. Stephanie used a flower as her center and worked her way out.
  • Create your mandala.


Will you make a repeating pattern (like shell-leaf-shell-leaf) or a growing pattern (like small, medium, large)?

Please share your mandala creations in our Athena Montessori Parent Forum!


Use a plate, pie pan, or hula hoop to help guide the structure of the mandalas.

This activity is completely open-ended and will evolve as your child’s creativity flows! Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless. 

Extend Your Zen:

This activity fosters concentration and critical thinking. Allow your child to work independently or with a sibling to make a mandala.  

Watch a timelapse video of a sand mandala

Mandalas can be explored through a variety of different mediums like coloring pages, painting rocks, or paper plates. Check out the pictures below for more inspiration: