Loving Letters for Grandfriends

From Ms. Lisa in Primary 5

Hi, Athena Community! I found the best thing on the Kids For Peace website!

Our children can sign up to send letters to ‘Grandfriends’! That term just warmed my heart when I read it. Grandfriends are seniors who could use a little extra love right now.

Click here to sign up: Loving Letters for Grandfriends We are signing up to send letters, but if you have a family member or friend who needs some loving mail, you can also sign them up to receive letters! And they do not have to be ‘letters’…your child’s art is a love letter!

All You Need is your child’s art area and a few minutes to explain to them how we can send happiness into someone’s home or nursing center without leaving ours.

-Have a conversation with your child about this project you are wanting to begin with her/him. “We are going to make some loving letters for our Grandfriends.” You can explain who Grandfriends are and why this project is important. For example: “Some of them may not have family close-by or they may be living by themselves. This is a way to show them how our family cares about them.” Your child will feel so good after mailing these letters!

By the way, Kids For Peace is a great organization and a favorite resource of mine. Lots of fun ideas on their website!