Make Your own Board Game

A fun game to make-up and play with your child, to further their learning in language




  • Make up a name for your game!!!  
  • Together with your child come up with words (or a letter sounds or color in colors for non-readers) for each square on the board that your child is able to read (the picture above uses “sight words”)
  • Once the board is filled out grab your dice and game pieces and get ready to play!
  • Players take turns rolling the dice and must read the word they will land on before moving to that space!


Comments: Make sure you are using words or letter sounds that your child knows when filling out the board


Tips: Read all the words or practice the letter sounds on the board with your child first for practice before you play! 


Add challenges/options: Make themed boards (all animals, earth day words, things in the home), you can print out pictures to glue on the board as well if you child is unable to read and they just need to give the language and say what’s in the picture!