Making a Leaf Shape Book

Click HERE to watch a tutorial on cutting and folding a mini-book, and click HERE to see a video of Vanny the Dog finding leaves for her leaf book.

Find leaves on a walk or in the yard, match the leaves you gather to the leaf shapes in the chart, tape them in your book, and label them.
Paper, tape

It’s poison ivy season, so please be careful when you are out exploring nature and gathering leaves!

Additional Instructions:
1. Follow directions to make book
2. Carefully gather leaves
3. Tape leaves to pages
4. Identify shapes from chart
5. Write the name of the leaf shape under the leaf
6. Write the title of your book on cover
7. Write your name on the back
8. Share with a mammal

Older children can identify the types of trees in their yard or on their walks with THIS CHART.

The study of plants is called botany and the people who study plants are called botanists.