Making a Leaf Shape Book


Description: This is a great fine motor work for Primary aged children.

Goal: The goal is to increase fine motor skills and the ability to concentrate.


    • Cardstock , construction paper, or cardboard
    • Push pin: large or small- in the picture above the work contains a special made poker for children, but most classrooms use large and small push pins that you probably have in your house.
    • A soft material to resist against the push pin such as, cork, yoga mat, or cardboard


  • Draw or print a simple shape on either cardstock, construction paper, or cardboard. Click HERE and HERE for some printable shapes to get you started.
  • Your child will use the push pin to poke holes on the line of the drawing. They are making the holes as close together as they can so that when they are done, you can perforate the shape out.

See photos below for more examples: