March 17th Update

Hello Athena Community,

We have now been home with our kiddos for a few days and I am sure the same amount of panic and anxiety is bubbling up for all or most of us. We want to validate the unknown of how long we will need to be practicing social distancing, which is unnerving at best. Our admin team is working all week to come up with plans of how we can support you all. We are allowing our teachers to have a much deserved break at home during Spring Break and then we will be guiding them in creating opportunity for connection and learning together for you using a variety of resources we are collecting. We will be sending out a detailed email on Monday with our plan on how we will be helping you all get through this time of social distancing, as well as a plan of virtually staying connected.

To get you started, here are a few resources I have gathered thus far:

Three resources for creating schedules:
– A great article from Trillium Montessori about how to create consistency and routine for preschoolers at home during Coronavirus. Consistency and Routine
– The blog Montessori in Real Life, posted a great daily schedule that she is using. Montessori in real life- daily schedule
– If Your Child’s School Closes Temporarily, Don’t Panic: Here’s a List of Homeschooling Resources

Here are some Facebook groups hosted by Trillium Montessori to help with extended school closures. You can find the links below:

Montessori Infant Toddler Parent Support During Long Term School Closes
At Home During Coronavirus : The Adventure You Never Planned on Taking

Catherine McTamaney is a fellow Montessorian and author of some excellent books about Montessori. She has a blog that is worth checking out. On her blog she will be supporting parents with the extended time at home. Montessori At-Home Day One

We know that this can be a scary time for children that don’t quite understand what is going, but can sense the anxiety around them. Be mindful of what they are seeing on T.V. and how we are talking about the virus around them. Here are some resources on how to talk to your children about COVID-19:


Here is a great science experiment that shows the importance of washing your hands:
Hand washing

For our primary-aged friends there is a fabulous science based podcast hosted by NPR that is called Wow in the World. All of their podcasts are fun and informative for children and adults. Our child listens to their podcast each night while he is falling asleep.

Here are a few more resources to get you started that sell Montessori supplies:
For Small Hands
Michael Olaf
Trillium Montessori

We will be sending many more resources your way in the coming weeks. We care deeply for our community and our goal for the next couple of weeks will be to keep our community safe, and to continue creating connection within our community.


Mandy Waid
Education Director