March 26th Update – Weekly Activity Packet #1

Hello Athena Community,

We are excited today to offer you your first WEEKLY ACTIVITY PACKET. We will be sending these activities out every Thursday. These packets will include a few activities geared to our Tots community and a few geared to our Primary community.  They are activities that the teachers have come up with for you to do with your child at home. Some of the activities are activities that your child may be able to focus on independently, depending on their age. Every week we will also include a few thoughts and resources from Mandy that might be helpful for your family. We will also be including notes and resources from our Wednesday night “Fireside Chat”. Thank you to all of you that joined us last night. If you missed out you can join us Wednesdays at 8:00pm.

This Week’s Recommended At-home Learning Resources:

  • Many of our older Primary aged children who are almost five or are five, were working on handwriting books each day at school.  If you would like to purchase one of these handwriting books you can do that HERE and HERE.  Your child can let you know if they are on the orange book or the yellow book.
  • Beside using the handwriting book, it is very rare that we use worksheets or workbooks in a Montessori classroom. However, given our current situation, they would fine to use at home. We recommend the Kumon workbooks.  You can find them HERE.
  • No Stress Chess
  • Time Timer
  • Dreambox– online math program for children starting around 4.5 years.  A couple of our parents have recommended it as an incredible resource, if you are comfortable introducing your child to educational software.
  • Audio books from Audible– Audible has opened its children’s book library, in six languages, to the non-subscribers.
  • TIME for kids– Time will be launching a free digital library for students and families. This is a great resources for our Kindergarten students especially.

We encourage you to connect with each other on our private Facebook Group.  Also, our teachers are posting videos every week to our YouTube channel.  The videos are fabulous! Tune in to hear some great stories and stay connected!

Here are notes from our first Fireside chat: Fireside Chat Notes

Taking the suggestions from last night’s meetings we the guides will now be hosting virtual circle times every day starting next week.  We will also be including more works for you to make in your home in next week’s Activity Packet.

We want to hear from you! Let us know how you are doing, which of these resources are helpful, and how else we can support you and your family at this time. We will get through this uncertain time, together, as a community.

Mandy Waid
Education Director