March 31st Update

Dear Athena Community,

We just got word that the social distancing mandates have been extended and that schools are closing until May 4th. We are all devastated by this news and still trying to wrap our heads around what this news means to all of us.

In light of the stimulus package, I am hopeful that I will be able to secure an SBA loan to help cover costs and keep Athena alive until we are allowed to be together again. Without knowing how much I will be able to secure and by when, at this time I’d like to at least offer a 25% discount to you for the final tuition payment to help ease the burden. We are making adjustments to your SmartTuition accounts now to reflect the discount. If I am able to secure funding in short order I will see what else I can do to offer further discounts retroactively (provide refunds) and/or forgive unpaid balances for the remainder of the school year. For those of you who have already paid in full, and those of you whose accounts were just auto-drafted, I will process refunds as soon as possible.

I feel like the ground is moving under my feet (while kids are running around my house!) and I am doing my best to make the best possible decisions every step of the way with the information I have on hand. I really appreciate your patience and understanding as I know we are all navigating this precarious moment together, and that many of you are having to make similar decisions for your own businesses.

Thank you for your commitment to Athena and for doing your part to keep us together. My proverbial door is open; feel free to email or schedule a call with me so we can connect. I’ll be in touch as I have more information as to what I am able to do to continue to lessen the financial burden for all of you while at the same time continuing to try to provide some value as a nurturing, educational resource for your family.

Warm regards,

Lisl Friday
Founder, Director