Maria Montessori’s 148th Birthday

August 31st will mark Maria Montessori’s 148th birthday!  Maria Montessori was an innovator, a feminist, the first female physician in Italy, and a strong leader for peace education that made discoveries that were WAY ahead of her time. Brain research is now proving many of Montessori’s philosophies that she developed by observing the children.  She allowed the children to teach her, instead of her teaching the children.  It was through this freedom that the children were allowed to make contact with their own curiosity. She stated, “To stimulate life, leaving it free however, to unfold itself— that is the first duty of the educator.”  I imagine what would make Maria Montessori feel celebrated for her work is if we took a moment out of our busy day to just stop and observe the children in our lives.  We can all start by taking a few minutes to watch this video of a young child at work.  Please enjoy the two videos below, giving you a glimpse of the spirit of the child at work, which is the essence of Maria Montessori’s most profound work.

TOT at work

Primary child at work