May 12th Update

Dear Families,

We know that reopening our school is going to be different from reopening our city. Our focus remains on the children and the health and safety of our community members. With the limited and inconclusive data we have at this point, we are not ready to make one concrete plan, so we are focusing our attention on designing a few different scenarios, each including reopening in incremental phases. We are gathering data, determining our parameters for safety, and getting creative. We are committed to staying open-minded, staying current on the research and recommendations of the CDC and the WHO, and paying attention to feedback so that we can continue to evolve our plan and make changes as we go.

Our hope is that over the next couple of weeks we might have more information about how our city responds to the partial reopening which may provide additional information. In the meantime our leaning is to go ahead and plan for a small, modified summer camp, likely to begin in July, where we can implement and practice new health and safety protocols.

Categories of consideration for these new protocols are Testing, Consistency, and Prevention. Elements of our design will include, and not be limited to:

  • Risk-free summer camp registration
  • Staff testing and training for COVID-19
  • Health and safety protocols for families and staff
  • Limited access by anyone other than essential staff members and enrolled students to campus
  • Bubble-design classrooms with small, consistent groups of children and guides
  • Minimal transitions
  • High-powered air filters in every room
  • Sanitizing, disinfecting, gloves, and masks where appropriate

Stay tuned for registration information for summer camp to come soon.

At the same time we are considering ideas for an experimental redesign for the new school year, and possibly a redesigned calendar, in case we are unable to reopen business as usual and on time. We may be reopening in a modified format and as an experimental program. As soon as we have a clear plan for a design and our phases defined, we will share them with you.

While we have tremendous compassion for the economics of our city, our families, and of the school, we are committed to continuing to make our decisions guided by what is in the best interest of the children’s health and safety, as we always do. While we are collaborating with other schools, we are working on designing a program that best meets our standards and can be sustainable in health and love. As always, we welcome your feedback.