Mindfulness Card Game 



Create peacefulness by becoming more aware of the present moments, giving children the opportunity to practice coping skills to allow them to center themselves. This game grounds children in the “here and now” by making the child more aware of the present. One at a time flip cards over and name something you either “See” 👁, “Hear” 👂🏽, “Touch” ✋🏼, “Smell” 👃🏾, or an emotion you can “Feel in you heart”❤️!

Here’s a video of Ms. Carole introducing this activity: Mindfulness Game Introduction





Introduce the cards in groups start by naming

  • 5 things you “See” 👁, 
  • 4 things you can “Hear” 👂🏽,
  • 3 things you can  “Touch” ✋🏼, 
  • 2 things you can “Smell” 👃🏾, 
  • 1 emotion you are currently “Feeling in you heart”❤️!


Turn the cards over 1 at a time as you name the sensory item on the card. Start with the  5 things you see and work your way down to 1 thing your heart is feeling.


This game can work anywhere as a way to center oneself! Play this game either inside or outside. Once you introduce this activity to your child, let them explore it on their work shelf.