Music Shaker 




Use recycled materials to turn it into a musical instrument! This shaker can be used for dancing, movement, expression, and just to have fun! 



  • Toilet paper roll or paper towel roll
  • Dried beans or rice or small rock
  • Tape or a stapler 



  • Take one of the sides of the paper towel or toilet paper roll and pinch it together for it to close. Tape or staple that end shut. 
  • Turn the tube over to the open end. 
  • Add beans or rice in the opening which will make the sound. Once added enough, not too much, pinch that end closed and tape or staple to close the side. 
  • Make sure both ends are closed shut. 
  • Shake the shaker to hear the sound and start dancing! 
  • Invite your child to paint, color or add stickers to decorate the outside. 



The more rice or beans you put inside, the heavier the shaker will get. Add enough dried ingredients to hear a repeated sound.