My Name Puzzle 

A fun self-correcting puzzle to help children learn to spell their name or other words using pictures as a guide!


  • A color printer
  • Sharpie or other thick marker (option to type as well)
  • Picture of your child/pet/family members
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Scissors


  • Print a picture of your child from the computer, making sure to leave a white space under the picture to print their name (you can type it too)
  • Write their name under the picture, making sure to space it out the whole length of the picture
  • Cut the picture vertically in strips one letter per strip
  • Option to laminate the picture


Make sure the picture is more of a close up on their face, too much background could cause confusion. 

Tips: If you are typing the letters, be sure to use a font that closely mimics lowercase handwriting and try in bold as well

Add challenges: For more challenging animal words click the link below for free PDF