Mystery Bag


Creating a mystery bag is a great way to introduce your child to new vocabulary words, play guessing games, and encourage the usage of all the senses to identify items. 


A fabric bag that the child can open and close, 3-5 items that go inside 


  1. Prepare ahead of time by filling the bag with 3-5 items. Try to find interesting things with different textures,and shapes.
  2. To introduce this work to your child, model the action of putting your hand in the bag and then feeling for an object inside. “I am going to feel the item with my hands and guess what it is.”
  3. Use descriptive words to explain what you feel. 
  4. Invite your child to guess what is inside the bag. 
  5. Take turns feeling for objects inside the bag, describing them to one another and guessing what they are. 
  6. After introducing this to your child, leave it in an area that is accessible to them at home and as you see them losing interest, switch out some of the objects. 

Add challenges:

For an older child, at school, we introduce this as an Initial sound activity and we select items that all start with the same letter sound. Add more items if the child can identify them independently. 

Alternate using a mystery bag for a set of containers that your child can practice opening and closing.