Noodle Necklace


This shelf activity will provide your child with an opportunity to work on fine motor skills and grasp skills, while making something that they feel proud to wear or gift after their hard work.



  • Raw macaroni noodles (any noodle with holes at the ends)
  • Yarn or string (even an unused shoelace can work)
  • One small container for the noodles (cup, jar, etc..)
  • Tray or basket to place work inside of



  • Place a few raw macaroni noodles in a small bowl or container
  • Provide a long enough piece of string for threading. Tie a thick knot at the base or tie a piece of pasta in a knot at the bottom so the noodles don’t slide off. 
  • Put the bowl and the sting laid out in front, on top of the tray and place the work on a shelf that is accessible to your child 



When we introduce this work at school, we start by offering pipe cleaners instead of string. As we transition to using string, yarn or thread we wrap the tip of the thread in tape to make a more sturdier starting point for tiny hands. Alternatively, shoe laces work well for this activity.


You can use food dye and rubbing alcohol to dye the macaroni noodles different colors. Here is a short video on how to do so. (this recipe calls for rubbing alcohol but it can also be done with water, it just takes a little bit longer to dry)


Add challenges: 

At school, there are times where we use certain objects or actions that serve as visual cues for the children to signal when a guide is observing or unavailable. You can use these necklaces as a way to practice and model these instances at home. For example, “When I am wearing my necklace it means it’s work time for me (or vise versa), and I’ll be available when I am no longer wearing it. Giving your child the chance to also choose when they feel the need to have that space, helps include them in the plan for the necklaces.