Painting with Nature 


While exploring all of the beautiful things mother nature has to offer, collect some “treasures” that can be utilized as painting utensils. Painting with the different items you find can create so many different textures and patterns on your piece of paper.



  • paint
  • paper (any size or color)
  • a nature walk
  • items collected during your walk/exploration



  1. Go on a family adventure! Take a walk or hike to your favorite nature destination.
  2. As you are walking, collect sticks, rocks, or leaves that look special to you.
  3. Once you’re home, choose a color of paint and find some paper (or any surface that you want to paint) 
  4. Use your new found treasures as painting tools and see what kind of new patterns and strokes you can make with them.



This activity may become messy, if possible paint outside.

Add challenges: 

Roll your sticks or rocks and compare the paint strokes.

Try stamping with different leaves, do you notice the different vein patterns?