Parts of a Flower


This exercise is meant to refine motor skills, provide tactile stimulation, promote organizational skills, and help your child stay physically and mentally connected to the natural world.   Procedure

When you are out on a walk, pick flowers that you find along the way. When you get home, set up a station for your child with three containers: One labeled LEAVES, one labeled STEMS, and one labeled PETALS. 

Let your child carefully take apart their flowers and put the components into their respective containers. 


  • A work surface (can be a tray, placemat, large napkin, etc.),
  • Containers
  • Paper
  • Pen (for labeling). 

Additional Activities

Before you begin collecting flowers, you can show your child this video about the different parts of a flower and their functions. 

Once your child has assembled an assortment of leaves, stems, and petals, they can tape a stem to a sheet of paper, and use tape or glue on the leaves and petals to decorate the stem and make their own reimagined flower. 

You can also take the parts of the flowers and freeze them in water in an ice cube tray or other flexible plastic container, then let them melt to create a sensory tub, like the one outlined in a previous activity book.