Pasta Threading



This is a simple activity that’s perfect for practicing fine motor skills and letting your child get creative with different materials. The goal of this activity is to practice fine motor skills by using the pincer grip to thread pasta onto straws.



  • Large rigatoni pasta
  • Straws
  • Playdough


  • Poke a few of the straws into a bed of playdough. Your child then uses a pincer grip to thread the rigatoni pasta on the straws. 
  • As your child finishes threading each of the straws, you can continue poking more straws into the playdough!


After an initial introduction to this activity, you can set your child up with this work on their work shelf by putting a container of playdough, a bowl of pasta and straws on a tray or plate. At school, we remind the children to bring this to a table (vs. the rug 😉 ) by saying, this work is a table work.