Peace Candle


Incorporate a beautiful peace candle activity into your daily ritual with your child. At school, we do this every day at the end of circle time to serve as a cue of the transition and that another activity is coming up. This activity brings awareness to your child about the importance of finding our breath, of creating moments of silence and pause in our day and also resetting. 


A candle and lighter/matches


  • Choose a time of day where you would like to incorporate this activity. It works best when you need a cue to transition from one event to the next. It could be every day at the end of reading books, before you have your child wash hands and get ready for a meal or even before nap time. 
  • After concluding the event you are ending, sit down with your child. Light the candle and hold or place it on the table. Ask your child to stay seated and to close their eyes and take deep breaths. Then, you can invite them to blow the candle out.


This activity takes practice for most children, they may only be able to close their eyes for a brief moment. That’s okay!


Use your voice and breath to model how to take deep breaths.


Invite your child to decorate the outside of the candle if it’s in a jar or container.

Use this to conclude family time and let your family members take turns blowing out the candle each time.