Picnic Lunch

Pack a lunchbox and have a picnic! See our YouTube video

Lunch is such an important time in your child’s school day. Create some fun connecting time, while they show you how independent they can be with unpacking, eating, packing away their lunch. This activity promotes language, motor skills (fine and gross) and social-emotional skills.


  • Packed lunch box
  • Plates and cutlery
  • A drink
  • A picnic blanket


  • Prepare ahead by packing your childs’ lunch box for lunch. Some families find this best to do the night before or during breakfast. Remember to include all the items your child will need: a drink, plate and cutlery.
  • Plan a special location either inside your home or outside to have your picnic. Invite your child to join you at lunch time.
  • Give your child the task of carrying their own lunch box when lunchtime arrives. You may even invite them to set up your picnic area.
  • Once seated, let them show you how they practice opening their containers and setting up their lunch.
  • When it’s time to clean up, just like at school, everyone is responsible for closing up their containers and carrying their lunchboxes back to the kitchen.

Using a variety of different types of containers for food adds fine motor challenges.