Pin Drop



 A simple game of dropping a clothes pin into a jar that can be adjusted to be more and more challenging.


To develop fine motor, gross motor, and spatial awareness.


  • A container (mason jar, empty tissue box, empty cereal box) 
  • Items to drop into the container (clothes pin, lego, marbles, anything small)


  • Demonstrate how to play the game by standing over the container with an object held in your outstretched arm parallel to the floor.
  • Release the object and try to drop it into the container.  It’s harder than it looks.
  • Show how lowering or raising your arm increases or decreases the difficulty.  


If this is too hard for your child to do standing you can start by kneeling over the container.

Add challenges: 

  • Increase distance 
  • Space the objects around the room and race to find them and drop them in from shoulder height.
  • Add a timer.  Who has the house record? Who is practicing to try and beat it?
  • Add a second container and get competitive!