Positional Words Fun Game

Family members act out prepositions or positional words

Promote understanding of positional words, receptive listening skills and connection.


  • Family members
  • A large object such as a box, chair, small table that you can act out the positional phrases with
  • Scraps of paper or index cards
  • Pen


Using multiple scraps of paper, write a preposition or positional word or phrase on each. (Positional phrases are “on top”, “under”, “near”, “between”, “beside”, “in front of”, “behind”).
Fold in half or turn the cards upside down so you cannot see the writing.
Take turns picking one sheet of paper at a time and acting out the word.

Add challenges:
Add an emotion such “Carole smiles behind the box”

Add 2 movements in a row, for example “Lola is on top and then moves beside the chair”.

Use camera and positional words acted out to create photos of the whole family.

Search around the house or outside for all the objects you can … go behind, or on top of, under, etc