Pouring Cereal


Inspire independence and confidence by allowing your child to prepare their own breakfast! 



  • Tray 
  • Small bowl filled with cereal 
  • A small pitcher or container filled with milk (keep in fridge on low shelf and let your child get this independently)
  • Spoon 
  • Towel for spills


  • Prepare the tray by pouring a small amount of cereal into a small bowl and milk into a small pitcher placed next to the bowl of cereal. (or keep a container of cereal on a low shelf with a scoop, let the child put the cereal into the bowl.)
  • Place the spoon on the front of the tray 
  • Invite the child to bring the tray to the table
  • Provide a small towel to wipe up any spills 
  • Once they have finished, invite the child to take any leftover cereal/milk and dispose of it in the sink or compost. 
  • Guide them to bring their tray back to the table or to the sink. 



If you feel comfortable you can have them scoop or pour cereal into a bowl directly from the box. You can also try this with yogurt and granola/chia seeds.