Regrow Lettuce



Involve your child in an exciting science activity by regrowing shoots of lettuce!


  • A bowl or dish
  • A stem from a bulb of lettuce
  • Water
  • A window sill or area with direct sunlight


  • After eating your lettuce, cut each shoot allowing one inch at the bottom
  • Place the leftover lettuce stem in a shallow dish of water (it should be about a half inch full)
  • Change out the water every 1-2 days
  • Watch it grow! It will continue to grow for about 10-12 days


Check the lettuce each day and talk to your child about changes you’ve observed and ask them if they have noticed any shoots changing and growing.

If you let it grow beyond 12 days it may start to change colors and produce seeds, which could be interesting to observe. 


  Try this activity with a different veggie like: celery, bokchoy, or basil.