Rhyming Activity


Description:  This activity is a click and play rhyme game that allows students to practice their rhyming skills.  

 Goal: To improve rhyming skills, which are very important in early literacy.  Rhyming highlights word families like: (at family:cat hat bat sat mat) and makes future word association easier.  Additionally rhyming skills increase reading and spelling fluency.  


  • Computer
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Printer for extensions.

Steps: Click the link HERE and here and have your child play along.   

Tips:Notice rhyming in storybooks you are reading.  Nonsense words are completely fine and add interest and fun for a lot of children.  

Add challenges:Pause the video and have your child make up more words that rhyme.  Can they correct the incorrect answers and say a correct rhyming word out loud?

Extensions: Find  ideas for more activities HERE.   Older children can write word lists or word families,  Younger children can trace word families written in yellow marker.  Remember to use all lowercase letters, because they occur more frequently in reading. Print THIS fun rhyming game.