Roll and Count Dice Game

Simple and fun game to practice counting. This game can be played by one person or many!


  • To practice counting
  • To develop concentration
  • To practice turn taking (if playing with a partner)
  • To develop coordination of the hand (if using a transfer tool such as tongs)


  • Die (use multiple dice for a faster game and higher numbers to count. Try a numbered die to also practice number recognition)
  • A small cup for each player
  • Blocks/Gems/Beads/Rocks/Puff Balls (anything you have a lot of) in a container
  • Optional: tongs, spoon or chopsticks to add a transfer challenge


  • Roll the dice. Look at your number. Put that number of gems in your cup. Roll and fill until your cup is full!
  • If playing with someone, pass the dice to the next player. First person to fill their cup wins!
  • Watch this simple video of these two children playing the game to get a visual.

Additional Activities:

  • Add a timer when playing alone for an extra challenge. How fast can you fill your cup?!
  • Practice making predictions by guessing how many items will be needed to fill your cup before you start. Try different shapes and sizes of containers!
  • Use a dropper bottle and smaller cup to try this activity with water.