Rubber Duck Math Game

– Ms. Nichole

A fun math game for preschoolers and kindergarteners inspired by the book 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle.




  • Practice combination of numbers
  • Practice identifying different ways to make 10
  • Counting




  • 1 piece of paper that represents Shore (Green, Beige/Tan)
  • 1 piece of paper that represents Water
  • You could also use a bowl filled with water
  • 10 Rubber ducks- if not available, you can use other toy ideas or print and cut out 10 paper ducks. (have your child color them in if they want!)


  • Place your Water and Shore side by side on the surface you wish to work on
  • Your child can scoop up all the ducks into their “boat” using their hands (if you have a boat toy they would like to use instead, go for it!)
  • Drop the ducks “out of the boat” 
  • Yell “OVERBOARD!” – optional of course 
  • Then your child can count how many ducks landed in the Water and how many ducks landed on the Shore.


  • Repeat as many times as you want
  • Make observations along the way about the different combinations they could ge


  • Have your child write out the combinations or tally how many times they got each combination during their game! 
  • You can also modify the number of ducks used to play the game and explore different combinations.



  • You can also play with dice
  • Have your child roll 2 dice, one can represent Shore and the other can represent Water.
  • Have them detect what number was rolled for each, they can set the number of ducks on the Shore and Water according to the dice!



                  Happy Duck Counting!