Scoop and transfer



This is a simple activity that is so popular in the Tots classes. It helps the child practice transfering items from one bowl to another bowl. The indirect aim of this activity is to help build focus, concentration and fine motor skills necessary for future life skills, like reading, writing and overall independence. 



  • Tray or station
  • Two small bowls
  • A spoon or a coffee scoop
  • Pasta, rice or dried beans 



  • Prepare the tray by placing two bowls side by side, with a spoon in front.
  • Pour pasta into the left bowl.
  • Model for the child carefully scooping from one bowl into the other.
  • Allow your child to practice scooping until everything is transferred to the bowl on the bowl at the right side. 



This setup can be refreshed for your child by using different sized spoons, changing the utensils, or changing the items in the bowls. If outside, try using ice and introduce tongs to encourage transferring between containers.