Seek App



An app that helps you identify plants and animals with your phone


  • Exploring and observing the natural world
  • Identifying new plants and animals



  • Smartphone


  • Go outside and find an interesting plant or bug.
  • Open the Seek app and scan and focus on the item.
  • If the app identifies the species you can click on it to learn more about it
  • The more new species you identify the more badges you earn.


  • Some plants will only be identified up to the Family or Genus level, try focusing on an item from different angles.
  • If you get all the way to the Species level ID click on the camera icon to take a photo and learn more about the species.

Add challenges:

  • On the App homepage you can scroll through local species that other people have found nearby.  Can you find any in your neighborhood?
  • You can try to identify things besides plants and trees.  Try finding lizards, bugs, birds, fungi, weeds, and squirrels.