Sewing on a Button and Dolphin Stitch with Ms.Lynda




Building on the fun sewing activity from a couple of weeks ago where we used cardboard and yarn, this project uses a needle and thread. I’ve included a short video that explains this whole project and a few great tips. Click here for the video guide. A great resource for fun sewing projects is Sewing in the Montessori Classroom: a practical life curriculum  Click Here  


To help kids learn basic life skills while increasing fine motor skills in a fun way.


  • Fabric
  • Needle
  • Thread ( heavy waxed, if available)
  • Button
  • Embroidery hoop (if available)


  • Place fabric in embroidery hoop
  • Adult can thread needle or help with learning
  • Use the simple technique in my video to show your child a “Dolphin Stitch”
  • A button is sewn on by simply applying the “Dolphin Stitch” using a button


It’s important, when they are first learning, to let these simple sewing experiences “be the project”.  After mastering this stitch and button activity, you can move on to pillow and pocket projects


The button sewing activity looks really cute hung up in your “at-home gallery”