Sewing with Paper and Yarn  — Needle Optional! Add this to the Art Shelf! 


With this work set-up, your child will be able to sew yarn through the holes of card-stock independently!


Knowing how to sew is a useful life skill with lifelong practical applications and many health benefits. To sew requires concentration and focus, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It is also a great way to express one’s creativity and individuality.


  • Cardstock / cardboard
  • Hole puncher
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Tray


  • Gather materials
  • Cut yarn 15-18 inches long
  • Punch holes along the edge of the cardstock or cardboard 
  • Tape the edge of the yarn so that it is smooth and able to easily go through the holes
  • Place cardstock and yarn on the tray
  • Model lacing the the cardstock for your child
  • Watch the magic happen!

Add challenges:

  • Add more holes
  • See if they can lace without looking 


  • Have child create their own threading work
  • Try a needle and thread
  • Try different mediums