Shaving Cream Prints


This is a fun art activity that can be done with household items! Using shaving cream and paint, your child can create a really neat  marbled look on paper. 


The goal for this activity is to allow the child to express themselves through art in a peaceful and fun way.


  • Shaving cream
  • Pie pan, or any shallow container
  • Liquid water paint, water color paint, food coloring (whatever is available)
  • Plastic droppers
  • Something to use as a scraper (popsicle stick, twig from outside, pencil)
  • Watercolor paper, cardstock, or any paper you have
  • A tray if one is available


Spray shaving cream into the dish, you can smooth out the shaving cream with your scraper

Use the dropper to transfer liquid watercolor, or whatever paint you have, dropping the directly on the shaving cream

Use your scraper tool to swirl the colors together, making a marble effect

Lay a piece of paper on the shaving cream

Gently life paper off of the shaving cream

Scrape off excess shaving cream with scraper

Set aside paper to dry, and repeat!



This might be messy, so make sure to dress in something that can get paint and shaving cream on it 🙂 

Add challenges:

Let your child gather the materials,  prepare the activity, and clean after