Heather Sundquist

Admissions & TOTs Coordinator

 Heather works with children in:

I am so grateful and honored to be a part of the Athena Montessori Academy leadership team this year. The Montessori philosophy is very near and dear to my heart and has been a huge part of my life for the last fourteen years.

What drew me in and what keeps me so fascinated by young children is their curious nature and drive to explore. I have loved the opportunity to serve as a vehicle in helping them discover not only their world, but themselves, their independence and their creativity.

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in art teaching in 2007, I began guiding a kindergarten art program at a Montessori school, in Philadelphia. I simultaneously worked as an assistant in the toddler community and fell head over heels for this magical age group. After a year of working as an assistant, I embarked on a Montessori teaching certification through the Princeton Center of Montessori Teacher Education and have been certified for the 0-3 age groups since 2009.

I am also a professional illustrator and muralist. A lot of my artwork is influenced by memories I have from my own childhood and the overall magic that I think childhood offers to young explorers, experimenters and creators. When not art making, I spend time with my husband and our two dogs adventuring outside and taking in the beautiful Texas scenery.

From the moment I stepped into Athena to observe the classrooms, it was apparent that this is a very special place. Thank you for allowing me to assist you and your children on this Montessori journey to self-discovery and independence.