Sandy Giberson-Lara

Primary 2 Lead Guide

Hello Athena Families!

My name is Sandy Giberson-Lara and I am so excited to begin my new journey with Athena Montessori Academy as the Primary 2 Lead Guide. After meeting with Leadership, I knew this was a well-run organization and a great environment for all children and their staff. I felt such a connection with Founder/Director, Lisl Friday as well as with Education Director, Mandy Ward and Montessori Mentor Guide, Kimberly Love. Athena’s vision for diversity, inclusion and spiritual growth is something I’m also passionate about. With a multi-racial background, once I was aware of Athena’s vision, I knew this was the perfect family for me.

“We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity” – Maria Montessori.

I absolutely enjoy working with children. During my 14 years of Montessori experience, I’ve worked with Primary and Lower Elementary students and have enjoyed the range of different personalities of the children. I continue to demonstrate my commitment to children’s spiritual & personal growth, development, and education. My genuine love of the work and my compassion for the students has been regularly recognized. I am AMS certified with Early Childhood credentials from Mid-America Montessori Teacher Program of Omaha Nebraska, I also have 500 hours of Montessori training and continuing education. Acting Fundamentals at The University of Texas at Austin. I also serve my community in various ways with such organizations, including Hope Alliance, Red Cross, Austin Children’s Shelter, Quaid Charity Events and Bastrop Family Crisis Center. I have developed high standards when it comes to my personal performance.

My passion for children’s social, emotional and overall growth extends beyond the classroom,my proudest and most impactful experiences with children to date have been as a Mother and as a “G-Ma”.

I am known to be friendly, outgoing, personable, sincere, caring, compassionate, selfless and energetic. I love spending time with family and friends, enjoy sports, working out, yoga/meditation, writing (poetry), painting (splatter painting), and photography. I particularly have a passion for children’s wellness, growth, development, and education. Whether my own children, children in the classroom, or children I have not even met, I seek opportunities to make children’s lives better as children truly are our future and each child deserves the opportunity to grow, learn and develop in a safe and nurturing environment.

Here’s a fun fact about me. I used to work as an actress and a model. I’ve appeared in several feature films, such as “Office Space”, “The Rookie”, and was the lead actress in an independent Japanese film titled, “Monkey Express”. Good luck finding this one!

Kind Regards,
Sandy Lara