Sean Kohler

Primary 5 Assistant Guide

 Sean works with children in:

My name is Sean Kohler and I am an Assistant Guide in Primary 5.

I am originally from Montara, California, a small beach town just south of San
Francisco. Nestled in forest and surrounded by mountains and ocean, I grew to love
the serenity and beauty that nature provided just outside my door. I spent my
childhood enjoying these natural surroundings and playing and composing music
with my friends. I moved to Austin in early 2017 and immediately felt at home.
Between the splendor of the outdoors and the rich music scene, this city has
welcomed me with open arms!

I come from a family of musicians, and my earliest memories are of singing
and playing on the instruments at my family home. I spent the early 2000’s playing
in bands, composing original music, recording and releasing albums, and touring
nationally. I still answer to my muse, but on a more intimate level with my voice and
an acoustic guitar, writing and recording songs at home.

Professionally, I come from a construction background, where I evolved from
laborer to journeyman, started my own contracting business, and eventually
became a pre-construction consultant for general contractors with an emphasis on

My passion for spending time with children started when my son, James, was
born eleven years ago. He has been my greatest passion and love, as well as my most
effective teacher. It was at a career day event at his elementary school where I
demonstrated my profession to every third grade class that led me to the realization
that I was destined to work with children. I began volunteering with the PTA, and
when I asked about opportunities to work with kids directly, I was invited by the
school counselor to mentor students in need of positive role models. This time soon
became the highlight of every week, and the pursuit of this new career was

I feel incredibly blessed to be part of the team at Athena and provided with
the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in this amazing haven of enrichment. I am
excited to share my joy of playing music, as well as building and creating with the
children who I feel lucky to be spending my time with.

-Sean Kohler