Sticker Transfer



Create a sticker transfer work for them to boost their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination!


Practice Fine motor skills and boost hand/eye coordination 


-Variety pack of multiple stickers

Download and print this sticker tree template or create one of your own!


  • Prepare ahead by pulling away the negative space of the sticker sheet off and cut stickers into groups of 4 to 6 stickers each 
  • Put several stickers on a tray 
  • Print out a couple copies of this Tree template or use a marker or pen to draw your own on a piece of construction paper.
  • Show the child how to place stickers inside the shapes. 
  • Invite them to fill in all the circles on the page. 

Extensions: Draw the letters of your childs’ name on a sheet of paper and let them place the stickers on top along the lines of each letter.

Here is a link for some inexpensive “3d puffy” stickers, these stickers are a little easier to grip and will be easier for your child to adjust to using pincer grip. 

Here is an option for some inexpensive flat stickers