Story Sequencing

Sequencing and patterning activities help children build necessary literacy skills such as:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Decoding
  • Visual discrimination
  • Left-to-right sequencing
  • Oral storytelling
  • Reasoning and inference

Download and print free story sequence cards HERE.

Extra sequence cards: Plant Sequence Cards and Snowman Sequence Cards


  • Story sequence cards
  • Tray

Presentation Steps:

  • Lay out the cards horizontally in mixed order on the workspace. “These cards tell a story.”
  • Arrange cards in order of sequence, left to right
  • Return to tray one card at a time, starting at top left
  • Return tray to shelf

For older children who are reading, you can print each line of a well-known poem or rhyme on a sentence strip, scramble the sentences, and allow the children to order the sentence strips.
Write a number on the back of each card so the child can flip them over and check their work at the end.