“It’s a big deal to send your kid off to preschool, at least it was for us. Our expectations were high and honestly, I didn’t think a place existed that could live up to our standards. Athena has exceeded all our hopes and wishes. It is a loving and warm environment with a dedication to supporting the child both emotionally and intellectually as they move into the world. Lisl has cultivated a staff that shares her passion for treating children with respect and the appreciation they have for one another is palpable and genuine. It is a happy place that will leave a lasting impression on all who are lucky enough to be a part of it.”

- Parent

“I knew as soon as I walked on the school grounds that this was the place for my boys. It felt completely right. I never worry a minute leaving my boys with the teachers who are all extremely loving, patient, and treat the children with so much respect. My son is counting to 3,000 and doing multiplication and he is 5 and a half. We are forever grateful for the peace of mind we get that our children are loved, nurtured and taken care of every day at Athena Montessori.”

- Courtney Gray

“I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my son’s education. The loving guides at Athena taught him so much more than reading and writing– he’s learned how to take care of himself and those around him while navigating the social community of his classroom. I feel these life skills will serve him well as he graduates and enters first grade in the fall!”

- Rebecca O’Hara (Child now attending Eanes Elementary)

“Athena is Montessori with flexibility. What a perfect combination of Montessori learning and respect with fun. As a working parent I find the after care options and extracurricular programs to be priceless!”

- Rose Koransky (Child now attending Zilker Elementary)

“I just wanted to tell you how happy the girls have been in Susanne’s class. I am so excited to see how much they really love it!

I know your staff and teachers are really the best in Austin, and I trust them completely. We have made a great decision in Athena!”

- Kerry

“I never cease to be amazed at what an incredible group of teachers you are. The depth of your knowledge, combined with your passion and excitement for the kiddos and for what you do, is inspiring. When I looked at preschools, I never contemplated that a school like this was even possible. Athena has far exceeded our hopes and expectations.

Thank you all for everything you do every day.”

- Sara Kruger-Garcia

“Lisl Friday has created something really extraordinary in Athena. Her clear vision is paired with an unwavering dedication to fully serve and honor the children, parents, and teachers in this school community. It has truly been a gift to work with such a passionate and committed group of educators who are giving themselves so completely to these lucky children each day.”

- Bethany Prescott, M.A.

“The moment I walked through the gate at Athena, I knew it was a magical little world that we had to be a part of! Every person on the staff, the facilities, the philosophy and the entire environment are simply amazing. We have been at the school for more than three years and have loved every minute of it!”

- Ben & Dorie Pickle (Child now attending ACE Academy)

“Lisl, I love, love, love, the addition of Spanish to the school’s programming – and PE and all the other great developments you have in the works. If I don’t say it often enough, thank you for constantly improving your school at every level – the facilities, the activities, the teacher education, the staff expansion, the programming, everything! It’s a perfect place already, but every time I turn around you’re somehow making it better. We feel blessed to be a part of the Athena community, and you are at the heart of that.”

- Jade Greene