The Shape of YOU


Have you ever wondered what kind of shape you were? With this fun family activity, you can discover what your outline looks like and how different everyones can be while practicing fine motor skills. 


  • large piece of paper or cardboard (as many as people you will be drawing)
  • crayons
  • tape (optional)


  • 1.Take turns laying on top of a large piece of paper.
  • While one person is lying down, have the other participant trace the outline. (Demonstrate with parent tracing child first so they understand)
  • Once everyone has had their turn being traced or tracing, tape the drawings down and discuss the similarities and differences. 
  • Time to fill in the drawings! You can start talking about what makes you, you and draw inside your body or color them in the colors your favorite colors.

Add challenges:

When discussing the differences in the shapes of everyones’ bodys’, you can start conversations about the different systems of the body and the functions of each. You can also take a social emotional approach and talk about characteristics that make you who you are, (kindness, patience, helpfulness, etc..).


Once your outlines have been filled and finished, try shuffling them around and play a guessing game of which one belongs to which family member.