Tunnel Crawls



Locate or create opportunities for crawling through a tunnel! This is a great activity for developing gross motor skills, motor planning, body/space awareness, and eye tracking.


To make a cardboard tunnel, you need a 

  • cardboard box
  • Box cutter or scissors
  • An area large enough to fit the tunnel creation and room to move around it safely
  • Art supplies to decorate the box (optional)


  • Open up the box all the way (top and bottom)
  • Cut along one edge of the box
  • Lay one side down on the ground, folding the rest of it up and over into a triangle shape
  • Tuck the fourth side under the base of the triangle
  • Look through the tunnel and invite your child to have a look
  • If you can crawl through, model it, or crawl along side and meet them on the other side of the tunnel


You can also make a tunnel using a blanket tucked into the couch and draped over the coffee table, using large cushions or pillows and a sheet, etc…


Allow room for free exploration with this activity. If they choose to sit inside the tunnel, or stay on the outside decorating the cardboard box, it is all a learning experience that encourages focused independent play and thinking.

Title: Tunnel Crawls

Place a small container of toys on one side of the tunnel, and an empty container on the other. Make a game of getting each toy through the tunnel to the other side, one at a time. 


Use as part of an obstacle course, or with acting out the story “Going On A Bear Hunt” for some added fun!