Virtual Field Trip to the Zoo by Ms. Alex

From baboons to condors, the San Diego Zoo’s animal webcams offer your family an animal adventure, right from your own home. No sunscreen or permission slips required!


  • Visit the San Diego Zoo’s website and check out the animal webcams
  • Grab your hand binoculars (or should it inspire you: two decorated TP rolls!)
  • See what animals you can spot! Here’s a list to get you started: Baboon, Ape, Elephant, Koala Bear, Penguin, Polar Bear, Tiger and more

Tip: Make sure to check out the “Ape cam” to see orangutan mama, Elosie, love on her new BABY!

Extend your learning:

Can you “spy” the animals? Print out this coloring sheet and color what you see on the Zoo’s webcams!

Draw an animal habitat: What kinds of food does this animal eat? Will you draw a cozy shelter for your animal to rest in? Don’t forget enrichment…even animals need toys! You’ll notice the tigers have balls to bat around and the Koala bears swing in tall climbing structures. 

What will you include in your habitat?  Share your creations in our Athena Montessori Parent Forum.