Visual Dance Party – Packet #2 Primary


Description: A curated list of movement videos

Goal: To provide an independent brain break for the child
The development of Coordination of Movement

Steps: 1. Put your device in an open area so your child has a safe space to move and click the
desired link.

2. To loop a video on youTube, right click and click “loop”. Click here for more
detailed instructions on how to loop with varying devices.

Comments: See links below

Jump, Squat, Turn Around!
Mellow Melt
Focused Movement
Do The Bear Walk!
Freeze Dance
Lunch Dance Party
Kidz Bop Dance and Sing!
Dino Stomp
Move and Count
Move and Freeze


Add challenges: Use a Sand Timer for a concrete, point of interest and added
challenge (“I wonder if you can move for 15 whole minutes!”)
Extensions: See following links for more awesome videos

Go Noodle
Cosmic Kid Yoga
Koo Koo Kangaroo