Walking The Line

A fun and easy way to make a gross motor activity with endless options!
Promotes balance, body control and gross motor (large muscle) development.

Easy to peel off Colored tape (electrical or painters), or chalk if using outside
Space to create a pathway


  • Use painters’ tape to create a line on the floor. For younger children keep the shape of the line straight or circular. Older children can try more challenging lines like zig-zags or loops.
  • Model a heel – toe walk for your little ones, go slow, it’s harder than you think!

After they work on heel-toe, add challenges!

  • Have your child walk slow, fast, hop,or skip on the line
  • See if they can balance something on their head as they walk (like a bean bag)
  • Carry something heavy (like a bag of flour or gallon of water) while walking the line to challenge their core
  • Balance a ping pong ball on a spoon while walking
  • Hold a small glass of water without spilling
  • Play Hot Lava! The floor around the line is Hot Lava
  • Change the shape and place of the line once a week, let the children design it!