Weather Matching




Toddlers love talking about the weather! This activity helps them build cognitive skills and gain awareness about the world around them. Follow this link to find a resource for free weather cards.



  • Printed copies of Free Weather Cards (two sets)  
  • Basket or container. 

Alternatively, you can draw or paint the pictures on paper or a thicker surface like cardboard or wood. 


  • Introduce this work by modelling how you can use this work first, as though you would play a matching game. Invite your child to have a turn.
  • Set the cards in a basket and put it on a shelf and allow your child to explore.



Create a daily ritual of inviting your child to help keep track of the weather each day. Ask them what they think the weather will be for the day and to find the matching card! 

This provided website gives the option to print out a weather chart.