Who is this?


Talking about your family with your child is a great opportunity to introduce language and spark conversations with your little one! Each member of your family has a name and can also be categorized as what role they are in your family (i.e. brother, sister, caregiver, etc). 


Pictures of each member of the family/household 


  • Collect pictures for each of these members. You can use pictures you already have in your house or print ones of each person. 
  • Pick one picture up at a time, hold it up, who is this?
  • Name the person in the picture. Repeat until there are no more pictures in your basket or tray. 


The pictures don’t need to be in a frame.  You can also include your animals, nanny/babysitter, step relatives, etc. 


Once the child can identify who each person is by name or relation, add grandparents, animals, aunts, uncles.  

If the child can name all the added pictures of relatives, explain to the child who is related to the mother’s side or caregiver one, and vice versa. See if the child can order the family based off of parents’ side.