Yoga Basket by Ms. Alex

Everyone can benefit from yoga, even your little ones! This easy make, easy to use- gross motor “work” promotes balance, body and breath awareness and is a wonderful tool your child can use independently to learn self-regulation. 


  •   Child size yoga mat (or even a nap roll)
  • Printed “Animal Yoga Pose Cards
  • Basket or bag to hold the mat and pose cards 


  1. Print the cards and cut the dotted lines. Ta-da! You have your own kid’s yoga pose cards
  2. Place the yoga cards and mat in the basket
  3. Help your little yogi find a spot on their work shelf where they can visit their yoga bag anytime they feel the need to pose, stretch or breathe it out!


For a child who likes a challenge, add a kitchen or sand timer to the basket. “Let’s see how long you can stay up in that pose with deep breathing!”


In honor of Earth Day, take your yoga basket outside like Ms. Margaret in her Garden Yoga Video.