Zen Rock Painting

Find peace through this soothing activity.  Paint the rock with water and watch the water dry and disappear. Watch Christina’s video for some inspiration! 


  •   Find peace
  •   Express creativity
  •   Develop concentration
  •   Practice gentle use of a paintbrush


  • Rock (or Buddha Board) can be on the tray or larger rocks may already be set up at a table  
  • Brush
  • Small dish for water
  • Tray
  • Cloth or sponge


  • Find a rock that shows water when wet (ex: slate)
  • Fill small dish with water (child may find more success using a small pitcher, but it is not necessary)
  • Dip brush in the water and gently paint the rock
  • Breathe, watch how the water dries
  • Use the sponge or cloth to clean up any spills


  •   Don’t have a paintbrush at home? That’s ok! What brushes can you find in nature? (leaves, sticks, dried stems) Try using stamps, toothpicks, q tips, nail polish brush or other items from around the home.
  •   Experiment with various rocks and brush sizes

Add challenges:

  • Go on a nature walk or to your backyard. Can you find rocks that will work for this activity? Some rocks do not show the water! Collect some rocks and make predictions on if water will be visible.
  • Add a literacy component by saying the sound while you write the symbol for letters or practice writing words. Focus on a particular sound. How many words can you think of with /a/ in the middle? (mat, hat, sat)
  • Take this activity outside and paint the concrete with water for a larger workspace!
  • Count while the water dries.